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obvious that you're struggling. Same with several shorts and shirts! Free shipping, code, fREE gift, code, fREE shipping, code, sALE, sale 70 OFF, sale, sALE, sale. I used to be able to order out of your catalog or online and know exactly what size I needed, but how I don't even know what sizes to grab to try on in-store!

I spent hundreds,.not thousands, of dollars annually at both, and wear only VS and pink panties and bras, not to mention the mountains of pajamas, active wear, lingerie, perfumes, etc that I own, as well as my teen daughter. Well let you know when these coupons expire, usually sometime within 2018! I've also been a loyal pink customer for almost 15 years, basically since college. Iused to think that perhaps it was just a faulty item or two, but this has been an ongoing tend now for several years. Rachel Jacobs, july 20, 2018, i've been a loyal, victoria 's. I've heard many other women voice the same thing. I sincerely hope that you make some drastic changes soon, before you're just another retail company that bites the dust. Also, what's up with dropping your bathing suits?

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Privacy Policy and, terms of Use. What is it with that, Victoria 's. They fall apart within months, yet I still have the old ones from college that look great! Free shipping, code, fREE gift, code 15 OFF, sale. However, I've noticed over the last 5-8 years or so, the quality of both VS and pink clothing items has drastically spiraled downward. Come on, get your shit in gear. Secret customer for over 20 sically since middle school. Seriously, your suits were the only ones that fit me and they were actually good quality. While you're still one of my favs, it pains me to turn the other cheek when I know it's what's best for me and my wallet. Printable Coupon Code by Skeba Digital Corp - Copyright 2018 - Address: 2118 W North, Chicago, IL 60647. However, I still own many of the items I'd purchased way back in my college and even high school years, and they still hold up just fine!

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