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will be channeled to special web sites that are designed purely for your campaign. Instead of paying to hand out leaflets, or mailing out menus to households in your area, it's more efficient to enable customers to download discount coupons from posters or other promotional materials. You will also get detailed information about your viral reach. Check out our Release Notes to read about the newest updates and, more importantly, learn how to use them. Unique per IP, this redemption type allows the user to redeem a coupon himself in front of an employee at the point of sales. How to create online coupon marketing campaigns? Another handy use for a QR code-based digital coupon marketing campaign is as a means of distributing discounts. Generally, if customers are excited by a restaurant discount or store promotion, they won't mind entering a few pieces of basic information. It's all about connecting the dots in your digital coupon marketing campaign. A free drink or a discount on their purchase. If the voucher is scanned a second time by an employee an error message will pop up like shown on the right screenshot below.

One-Time Redemption, this redemption type allows you to create vouchers that can only be redeemed once. You can export the data of all registered users data to an Excel file. There is no extra software or an App needed by your stuff.

No extra App is necessary! Want to stay current with the most up-to-date product news and features all in one place? Gather information about your market using coupon marketing. By enrolling more customers in loyalty programs, retailers and consumer brands will glean greater insights into shopping habits and be able to use that information to tailor future offers that reward brand loyalty. Each email will get only one unique voucher. The URL is called as a post request sending additional parameters to your server: Parameter event The name of the event occurred.g. Connect to Mailchimp, send Vouchers to Mailinglist You can embed unique redeemable QR Codes in any of your mail campaigns by using merge tags. Pricing / Plans Create up to 1000 coupons per account with our Premium or White Label QR Code Manager Or rabatt polsterstoff stoff go ahead with our Starter plan with up to 20 coupons per account All coupons have unlimited redemptions You can create up to 1000 unique. So, if you have a discount to deliver, create online coupon campaigns which harness the power of the Coupon QR Code. Learn more in our Tutorial how to set up voucher with unique QR Codes here: How to create one-time redeemable QR Code Coupons. Use QR Codes to redirect your prospects to a mobile coupon.g. Issuing coupons, you can specify a number of unique QR codes you want to generate for a onetime redeemable voucher.

If the voucher is redeemed more than the defined maximum number, a message will popup informing the user that the voucher" is exhausted. Vouchers that are requested after their expiration date will show a message to inform the user that the voucher is expired. Let's find out how these simple codes can turn your coupon cards or flyers into a marketing goldmine. Basic printed materials are a good starting point, but they aren't connected to your website, ticket booking sites, or social media channels.